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Women’s lacrosse is growing, and the Philadelphia Wings are committed to being at the forefront to help break down barriers and develop the next generation of box lacrosse athletes. With World Lacrosse hosting women’s box lacrosse for the first time in 2024, there is growing demand for the sport. Because of this, we are organizing our first ever middle school girls box lacrosse program! Middle school is the ideal age group for those looking to start playing box lacrosse, as well as a great opportunity for developing field players to hone in on their skills. The Philadelphia Wings are in a unique position to be able to offer box lacrosse instruction at our own facility while being coached by some of the best box lacrosse players in the world.  


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Learn from the Pros!

The 2023-2024 JR. Wings Girls Middle School Team will compete in two local tournaments representing the Philadelphia Wings. In addition to representing the only professional box lacrosse team in the area, players will receive professional box lacrosse training from current Wings players. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to compete on a regional stage against the top competition in the area. The skills & strategies developed here can then be applied to both box and field lacrosse settings in the future, as evidenced by the tremendous careers of the players comprising this coaching staff. 


In addition to competing in two tournaments, athletes will have the chance to learn from the pros at 10 practices based out of the official Philadelphia Wings Training Center in Voorhees, NJ.  

Have the NLL Experience

The Gear: 

  • JR Wings Jersey
  • JR Wings Shorts
  • JR Wings Bag
  • JR Wings Shooting Shirt

The Media Coverage: 

Throughout the season, the same staff that manages the Wings media presence will highlight your team’s practices, scrimmages, and games on the JR Wings Instagram Page (@nlljrwings). At the end of the season, parents and players will receive a shared folder with professional photos from throughout the season. 

The Facility: 

Train in the same facility as the Wings!

Why Box Lacrosse?  

  • Sharpen your stick skills and increase your Lacrosse IQ  
    • In box lacrosse you are playing in a smaller space with smaller goals and larger goalies than in field lacrosse. Additionally, a 30 second shot clock forces players to make quicker decisions on the ball. These fundamental differences in the game allow players to develop quicker and more accurate stick skills and many field lacrosse players attribute their success outdoors to the skills they learned while playing box.  
  • Keep playing year-round.  
    • Playing field lacrosse in the spring combined with box lacrosse in the winter means you are sure to stay at the top of your game all year long. Not to mention the weather won’t affect your game play while in the box!  
  • The sport is constantly growing.  
    • With the first women’s box lacrosse national team launching in 2024, there are more opportunities than ever to get, and stay, involved in the sport.   
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