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Go VIP! Perks for Season Ticket Holders

The coming season of Philadelphia Wings Lacrosse is upon us, and it’s driving interest from right here in Philadelphia all the way out to New Jersey and Delaware. Lacrosse fans throughout the region can expect an exciting season—especially those with season tickets to their name.

There are all kinds of perks for season ticket holders, and there’s no better way to watch the game than with a Philly Wings season ticket membership. We’re here to show you why, so you can get excited about ordering your season tickets today!

See the Team Up Close

With season tickets, you can reserve your front-row seat to every game of the season (or wherever you’d like to sit!). If you do purchase Center 6 season tickets, you can see the team up close—and not just while they’re out on the turf.

You’ll have early access to a “Meet and Greet” autograph event with the team. Kids love to have a chance to shake hands with their favorite players, speak with them in person, and get that signature on paper. No experience is more exciting than meeting your heroes up close!

If you don’t have Center 6 tickets for early access, don’t worry: All season ticket holders are invited to this event, regardless of your seating section of choice. Join us at the regularly-scheduled start team and speak with your favorite players.

Parking & Seating Conveniences

You can take the stress out of getting to the game with season tickets. Wings season ticket members can buy reserved parking right up close to the arena. You’ll have guaranteed parking for every game you come to, with a beeline route to your seats themselves.

Another perk? You can count on excellent seats in the section you paid for, whether it’s the center six, the corners, or the turf row. When the playoffs roll around and interest is high, you won’t have to worry about finding seats or getting your tickets before they sell out. With season tickets, rest assured that your seats are secure!

Deals on Wings Game Gear

A true fan shows their support with some game gear, and as a season ticket holder, you’ll have generous discounts when you shop at the Philadelphia Wings Official Gear Shop. Grab a T-shirt, hoodie, jersey, polo, or cap stamped with the logo of your favorite Philly lacrosse team.

Our shop sells clothing in all sizes, for men, women, and children alike. Shop for gear today and dress like a pro before you walk into the Wells Fargo Center for the next Wings game!

Get Your Season Ticket Membership Today!

As exciting as these perks are, they’re just a taste of what’s in store when you lock down your set of Wings season tickets. Contact us to learn more about the full range of benefits, including everything from “Bring Your Friend” vouchers to an exclusive free gift.

Whether you live in Delaware, New Jersey, or right here in Philly, order your Philadelphia Wings Lacrosse season tickets and go VIP today!

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