Superbowl Smackdown - Philadelphia Wings Lacrosse
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Superbowl Smackdown

This Sunday our very own Philadelphia Eagles #underdogs will be battling the New England Patriots for the coveted Lombardi Trophy. With their Superbowl rivalry comes a fun FOOD rivalry between the Philadelphia Wings and the New England Black Wolves. A contract has been signed laying out all the details:

  • If the Philadelphia Eagles win, the head coach of the New England Black Wolves, Glenn Clark, will eat one of our very own famous Philadelphia Cheesesteak.
  • If the New England Patriots win, our very own head coach and GM, Paul Day, will be eating a Lobster Roll.
  • The losing team will change their social media profile picture to the winning teams logo for the entire day.

Don’t worry, we are already preparing the cheesesteak coach!

Philadelphia Wings Lacrosse