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Wells Fargo App

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Downloading the App

Apple App Store:
Visit the Apple App store app on your iPhone.
Search Wells Fargo Center.
Select ‘GET’ to download and install the app onto your Apple device.

Google Play Store:
Visit the Google Play Store app on your Android Device.
Search Wells Fargo Center.
Select ‘Install’ to download and install the app onto your Android device.

Accessing Tickets in the Wells Fargo Center App

  • Open the Wells Fargo Center App on your mobile device.
  • Select ‘Join’ to create an app profile.
  • Fill in the information including the following: First and Last Name, Email address, Create a password.
  • Once your app profile has been created, select ‘My Tickets’ to connect and access your Wings Tickets.
  • Using the email associated with your My Wings Tickets account, fill out your sign in information and click ‘Sign In’.
  • Now that you are signed into to your app and connected your Wings Tickets, when you select ‘My Tickets’ you should be able to view all of your available Wings Tickets.

Transferring Tickets

  • Select the ticket you wish to transfer in the ‘My Tickets’ tab of the app and press ‘Add To Transfer’.
  • Return to the ‘My Tickets’ tab, you will see that your shopping cart now has a ticket(s) in it. Press the shopping cart icon.
  • In the shopping cart, select the ticket to enter the recipient’s name and email address and press ‘Complete Transfer’.
  • You should receive a notification stating ‘Transfer Initiated Successfully’. Press OK.
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