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Paul Day

General Manager and Head Coach
Paul Day

Paul Day is the General Manager and Head Coach of the Philadelphia Wings. Paul is a highly respected former professional lacrosse player, coach, and executive, and a decorated 27-year police officer, and the first head coach and general manager of the Philadelphia Wings, the City’s new National Lacrosse League franchise.

During a 22-year lacrosse career, Day appeared in the National Lacrosse League finals nine times, capturing five titles, as a player, coach or general manager. He did this all while maintaining a 27-year career as a full-time sergeant for the Niagara Regional Police Service, specializing in street crime, intelligence and recruiting. He retired from the force in 2017 to focus his efforts on the Wings.

His coaching record in the NLL is 82-69 (regular season) and 5-8 (playoffs). As an assistant coach in the NLL, his teams were 82-69 (regular season) and 15-17 (playoffs).

A native of Peterborough, ON, Day used to ride his bike to the local library and watch 8 mm movies on a projector of old Philadelphia indoor lacrosse. He and his wife, Angela, have two children, son, Mac and daughter, Abby.

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