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Everything You Need to Know About a Philly Wings LAX Game

As the next Philadelphia Wings Lacrosse season approaches, we’d like to share with you a few things you can expect to see going into a Philly Wings LAX game. Whether you’re a Philly native or coming all the way from New Jersey or Delaware, you have a lot to look forward to.

Here’s everything you need to know before you settle into a seat at the next Philly Wings game!

The Best Box Lacrosse Around

Indoor lacrosse originated in Canada in the 1930s and later spread to the United States, where it’s found a great home and plenty of fans in the National Lacrosse League. If you’re unfamiliar with how indoor (or “box”) lacrosse works under the NLL, we’ll give you the lowdown of what to expect. There are:

  • 20-man rosters: 18 players dressed for games (16 runners and 2 goalies)
  • 6 players on the floor: 5 runners and 1 goalie
  • Four 15-minute quarters, with 2 minutes between quarters and a 12-minute halftime

And you’ll enjoy heart-pounding suspense with:

  • Tense Face-Offs: At the start of each quarter and after every goal, two players face their sticks at midfield as the referee places the ball between them, and the face-off begins for possession!
  • 30-Second Shot Clock: A 30-second countdown starts when a team gets possession of the ball. If the offensive team doesn’t put a shot on goal during that time, they lose possession.
  • Sudden Death Overtime: If the teams are tied, they go into overtime until that final goal is scored.

Entertainment by the Wings Dancers

The Philadelphia Wings Dancers are led by Kerri McDonald, who joins the Dancers as head coach after an illustrious career as a professional NBA dancer. She served with the Philadelphia 76ers Dancers for eight years and was team captain for three of them, and she’ll bring all that impressive experience to the Philly Wings franchise.

Get ready to enjoy a team of top performers the next time you visit a Philly Wings game. They’ll be leading the cheer, with striking poses and all, delivering plenty of pep to support the home team!

A Chance to Meet Your Favorite Players

Did you know certain fans have access to the players in a “Meet and Greet” autograph event? It’s one of the many benefits that come with Wings season tickets. Not only will you get a front-row seat to the game, but you’ll have a chance to speak with your favorite players in person!

Young lacrosse fans really like having this chance to meet their heroes and hear some words of advice and encouragement. It can really mean a lot to them and create a special moment they’ll remember for a long time to come.

Get Your Philly Wings Tickets Today!

Now that you know what to expect, are you excited to join the fun? You can purchase game tickets today. If you’re a really committed fan (or you have budding young lacrosse players who are!) our Wings season ticket package comes with plenty of perks that we think you’ll enjoy.

If you’re bringing plenty of friends or teammates along, check out our group tickets as well. And don’t miss the next Philadelphia Wings Lacrosse game, which is sure to draw fans from across Philly and even neighboring New Jersey and Delaware!

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